Acadian Plant Health:Delivering differentiated products, revolutionizing and transforming the biostimulant industry with new formulations and innovations

Jul. 12, 2024

″Acadian Plant Health is working on new product offerings that include novel patented products that deliver best-in-class performance. Our aim is to revolutionize the in...

Agricultural Innovation in the Era of Carbon Neutrality: Practices of Haifa, Compo Expert, K+S KALI, Biolchim and VAN IPEREN

Jul. 8, 2024

In the context of the increasingly serious global climate change, the agricultural industry is facing unprecedented challenges but also opportunities. On June 27, 2024, t...

New integrated biostimulant technology actively addressing the impact of abiotic stresses on agricultural production, helping to improve both grain yield and quality of agricultural products

Jul. 4, 2024

Based on a systematic study of plant physiological growth and nutritional needs, as well as research on the increasing response to environmental stresses, NEWSUN has esta...

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