Treating seeds is of practical value and long-term significance in the context of food security concern

May. 13, 2022

In the context of the recent heated debate over food security, the discussion of how to treat seeds to ensure a good start for crops is of practical value and long-term s...

2021 Sales performance of listed seed companies reflects the rapid development of China seed industry

Apr. 25, 2022

On April 20, China's A-share agricultural sector soared. Soybean, planting, rural revitalization and other concept stocks rose, and Hefei Fengle Seed Co., Ltd., Zhongnong...

Technisem deal brings novel biobased seed treatment to African farmers

Dec. 21, 2021

Fyteko, the Belgian agtech start-up, and TECHNISEM, French company specialised in vegetable seeds for tropics, have signed an agreement to use its novel biobased technolo...

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