Join 2023 Formulation&Adjuvant Technology Magazine to Show Your Solutions and Insights

Mar. 29, 2023

AgroPages' business magazine - 2023 Formulation& Adjuvant Technology magazine (English & Chinese editions) will be published this May. This issue will focus on innov...

CAC Nantong: cyproflanilide, a created novel insecticide with unique action mechanism

Mar. 27, 2023

Based on the broad spectrum, high activity and novel action mechanism of diamide compound, the researchers of CAC Nantong have made its systematic study. In the process o...

Get updates on analyzed market trends in the new publication - Annual Review 2022

Mar. 21, 2023

AgroPages is pleased to announce that the ‘Annual Review 2022’ magazine was published. With information collated and analyzed by our editors, industry experts and leadi...

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