Yuelian's flupyraclostrobin innovative nano-microemulsion Jianmeiling® is launched

Jul. 22, 2024

In June 2024, Shanghai Yuelian’s Fluxapyroxad 7.5% + Propiconazol 15% ME was granted registration by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The product i...

SCIENX: A pioneer Chinese nanopesticide enterprise empowering upgrading of pesticide formulation and transformation of Chinese farming model

Jul. 22, 2024

Recently, AgroPages invited pioneers and key players in the field of nanopesticides, including SCIENX, PilarBio Group, Yinnong Technology, and Wynca Group, to make an in-...

【Chinese Aerial Crop Protection Industry Watch】Jiangxi Zhengbang: Continuing investment in technical research and development, focusing on problem-solving via precise countermeasures

Jul. 19, 2024

Recently, AgroPages invited some key players in this field to discuss and analyze the problems and challenges faced by aerial applications, share solutions, practical exp...

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